Altenergy Power System Inc.

Altenergy Power System Inc.

Rm. B403 No.188, Tomson Center, Zhangyang Road, Pudong, Shanghai 200120
+86 21 33928205
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회사 설명 (광고홍보)

APsystems was founded in October 2009 in Silicon Valley. Then a joint venture was established in Jiaxing, Zhejiang in March 2010. APsystems is devoted to R&D and commercialization of micro-inverter system and has become a professional supplier of Micro-inverter products and system solution.

With the development of APsystems, during less than 6 years, several offices and subsidiaries worldwide have been established to improve the global sales and service network. APsystems Shanghai is responsible for the marketing & sales, technical support, after-sale service and domestic EPC project; APsystems Australia (Sydney, Melbourne) is focusing on the local marketing, sales, warehouse management and technical support; APsystems Beijing is playing an important role in Business development and Sales in north China; APsystems America (Seattle) and Mexico (Guadalajara), are in charge of manufacturing, sales, BD and technical support for North America market. APsystems Europe, which locates in the Netherlands & France, will offer the swift pre & after sales and warehouse service for the whole Europe, especially for Benelux market.

APsystems is striving to technical innovation and cost control. Until now, APsystems has applied more than 50 domestic and international patents, 3 software copyrights and 2 registered trademarks. The three generations APsystems products have got CQC/ CGS/ SAA/ ETL/ CE/ VDE certificates. The products also successfully entered the CEC list of the California Bureau of Energy.

By end of 2015, APsystems products have been shipped out to dozens of countries and regions including Europe, North America, Australia, China, Africa, etc. The installation capacity has reached 200 MW. More than thousands of APsystems micro-inverter systems have been installed and running smoothly around the world. APsystems has finished the EPC of the largest micro-inverter commercial with the capacity of 6MW and the first pure three-phase micro-inverter system with the capacity of 200kW. APsystems business covers micro-inverter system development, AC module, solar kits, domestic and international micro-inverter system EPC and residential distributed PV system solutions. APsystems has become the most comprehensive strength high-tech innovation enterprise and the leading brand in the micro-inverter industry.




  • YC1000-3
    1 kW 마이크로 인버터
  • 337 / Wp
    0.45~0.5 kW 마이크로 인버터
  • YC600 - Austra...
    0.6 kW 마이크로 인버터
  • YC600 - USA
    0.6 kW 마이크로 인버터
  • YC600 - France
    0.6 kW 마이크로 인버터
  • YC600 - Canada
    0.6 kW 마이크로 인버터
  • QS1
    1.2 kW 마이크로 인버터
  • YC500i
    0.5 kW 마이크로 인버터
  • ECU-C
    마이크로 인버터

회사 업데이트

2018. 9. 25.

APsystems launches QS1 four-module 1200W AC microinverter.

2018. 8. 29.

APsystems to launch QS1 four-module 1200W microinverter at Solar Power International.

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2018. 8. 24.