INVT Solar Technology(Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

INVT Solar Technology(Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

6th Floor, Block A, INVT Guangming Technology Building, Songbai Road, Matian, Guangming District, Shenzhen, Guangdong
+86 755 86312953
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계통연계형, 독립형
공율범위 (kWp):
이미 파악된 판매상의 수량
인버터 37 판매업체, 모니터 1 판매업체



  • BD-HS (3-5KTL)
  • BG 50-80KW
  • MG 0.75-3KW
  • MG 3-6KW-2M
  • MG 4-5KW
    4~5 kW 계통연계형
  • BG 4-10KW
  • BG 12-17KW
  • BG 20-50KW
  • BG 40-70KW_380V
    40~66 kW 계통연계형
  • BN 1-6KW
    1~6 kW 독립형
  • BD 3-5KW
  • BG 4-6KTR-US
    4~6 kW 계통연계형
  • BG 7-17KTR-US
    7~17 kW 계통연계형
  • BPD Solar Pump...
    0.75~4 kW 독립형

회사 업데이트

2020. 2. 19.

A 3kW PV-wind hybrid power system in Tianjin, China. INVTSolar's BN3024C off-grid inverter was applied in such a scenario to make the system more stable and adaptable. Learn more:

2020. 1. 14.

Located in Shanxi, China, the 6MW PV plant receives 4 months of cold annually, while the climatic conditions like low temperatures pose special challenge to solar products. The reliability & high-quality performance of INVT solar inverters are ideal for this plant.

2020. 1. 8.

We are now officially announcing the launch of a global partner recruitment program. This is a good opportunity to use the advantages of both parties to explore the "PV +" market. Partner with us. #WinWin

2020. 1. 8.

New year again. INVTSolar wishes you a happy and successful year! Looking forward to 2020, what is your New Year's resolution?

2019. 12. 25.

Christmas time is here, numerous wishes for all friends. May your days be filled with gifts and light. Happy holidays! #MerryChristmas

2019. 12. 19.

INVT iMars MG Grid-tied Solar Inverter is easy to install by a single person. Now show you in a minute.

2019. 12. 16.

In order to provide you with a better service, #INVTSolar sincerely invites you to participate at the end of 2019 customer satisfaction survey. Fill it here:

2019. 12. 13.

The second phase of Shenzhen Metro Line 9 officially opened on December 8, which adopts rail vehicle traction systems of INVT with completely independent intellectual property rights. The latest opening brings the network to 303·4 km. Bravo!

2019. 9. 30.

The 126th CantonFair will be held from October 15th to 19th in Guangzhou, China. INVT hope to meet you at BOOTH 10.3F01-02 and share the solutions.


Very good value for the money, optimum performance and good after sales service. Compact equipment and good implementation.

-- , IM Solar

We have been distributing INVT solar inverters in our local market. The feedback we received from our users are positive. Thanks to INVT 's high quality product and professional service.

-- , Noorpashtoon Limited

INVT Solar is a reliable solar inverter supplier from China. Not only can they produce high quality products, but also they can help users solve their problems after installation.

-- , Photon Energy Solutions

INVT solar inverters have been in the market for many years. The reputation they have established helps us sell more solar system in Australia.

-- , Pivotal Solar Solutions

Apart from their product quality and brand awareness, the reason we use INVT solar inverters in our solar system is because they are willing to work with us closely to solve our customers' problems.

-- , Hanover Solar GmbH

INVT's inverter has alway been our first option, when it comes to storage system solution. Our customers are very satisfied with their product quality and the service they provide. We will continue to grow our business together.

-- , Shenzhen Megarevo Technology Co., Ltd.

2020. 2. 19.