Panasonic Corporation (Sanyo)

Panasonic Corporation (Sanyo)

1006, Oaza Kadoma, Kadoma-shi, Osaka 571-8501
+81 6 69081131
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PV 시장에서 Sanyo의 패널은 공율이 높으며 패널의 유리는 경도가 높아 악렬한 환경일지라도 견디여 낼수있습니다. 이러한 탁월한 패널은 고객들이 집웅위에 설치하는데 가장 합리한것이다.

-- Techno sol'air

SANYO HIP 214 SANYO HIP 215 이 패널은 전기의 발전량이 높으며 원가가 합리하고 공율범위가 고객의 요구부합되였으며 훌륭한 디자인으로하여 고객들의 환영을 받고있습니다. 특히 그들의 패널은 통합 일체화의 검은 색과 붉은 색에 적합합니다.

-- , BS ELEC

These solar panels offer high performance, have good endurance at high temperatures and have a long durability, no repairs needed so far by technical failures in this type of panels.

-- Temsol Instaladores

We choose Sanyo HIT series because this brand has the best electricity generation efficiency per area among Japanese manufacturers. Besides, compared to other brands, we find that Sanyo HIT can produce electricity 1.1 times bigger.

-- Imai Planning Co., Ltd.

We choose Sanyos panels because they can generate electricity most efficiency per area among Japanese PV panel makers. This feature is attractive because typical Japanese houses have relatively small roof area.

-- , Sunjunior Co., Ltd.

We always use PV panels made by Sanyo because the quality of Sanyo products is very high level. Our customers are also satisfied with their quality and performances.

-- Life Support Co., Ltd

We select power inverters made by Sanyo because these products can maximize the performances of Sanyos PV panels. Our customers feel happy with the overall performance of Sanyo PV system. Sanyo inverter is essential to this system.

-- Life Support Co., Ltd

As a whole single PV system, both we and our customers are very satisfied with its quality and performance. Therefore, we decided to use Sanyos monitoring system as well as other components.

-- Life Support Co., Ltd

Sanyo has two good points. First, its solar modules can produce bigger amount of electricity than other Japanese brands. Second, Sanyo products are lighter than other brands so that we feel easy to install.

-- TK Life Co., Ltd

This makers PV modules are offered at a little bit more expensive price than other Japanese brands. But, they can perform very well. Actually, their modules are sold well in our business area.

-- Sogo Maintenance Co., Ltd.

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