Midsummer AB

Midsummer AB

Elektronikhöjden 6, SE-175 43, JÄRFÄLLA
+46 8 52509610
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회사 업데이트

2019. 6. 14.

Midsummer’s new and slimmer energy-producing solar cell roof, ”Midsummer solar roofs”, have been successfully installed on a house in Kivik, in the southern part of Sweden.

2019. 5. 28.

Midsummer receives good ratings for its environmental focus according to Sustainalytics ESG Risk Rating

2019. 5. 23.

Midsummer launches new energy producing roof tile exclusively for Sweden’s most popular shingle from Benders

2019. 5. 8.

Midsummer has decided to support a charity school project in the rural Matopos area of southern Zimbabwe.

2019. 3. 29.

Midsummer’s founder Sven Lindström awarded prestigious prize as creator of innovative hardware technology

2019. 9. 2.