CSUN Solar International Limited

CSUN Solar International Limited

No. 6, Shuige Road, Jiangning District, Nanjing 211153, Jiangsu
+86 186 25281266
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설치업무 시작 날자
계통연계형, 독립형
1MW보다 작은PV시스템 설치업체, 1MW보다 큰 PV시스템설치업체
기타 서비스
디자인, 모니터링
운영 범위
아랍에미리트, 브라질, 킨샤사 콩고, 말레이시아, 사우디아라비아, 파키스탄, 필리핀
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CSUNPOWER is a global leading clean energy solution specialist. We are engaged in high efficiency PV module research and manufacturing, clean energy system integration, project development, EPC service, investment, financing, as well as energy management.
CSUNPOWER is positioned internationally and is represented in more than 6 countries, with 100+ experts serviced in local market. Besides headquarter in China, we have set up branches in USA, Japan, Australia, UAE, Thailand, Philippines and Pakistan.
Till the end of 2016 we accumulatively shipped more than 5GW PV module to global market. Meanwhile, we commissioned over 200MW solar and wind project around the world, with approximately 500 MW project in the pipeline and under construction.
CSUNPOWER, power the clean world!