GCL-Poly Energy Holdings Limited

GCL-Poly Energy Holdings Limited

회사 페이지: material installer
Unit 1703-1706, Level 17, International Commerce Centre, 1 Austin Road West, Kowloon
+852 2526 8368
+852 2526 8368
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회사 업데이트

2017. 6. 23.

GCL-Poly Energy Holdings has awarded a number of construction contracts for its planned 60,000MT polysilicon plant under development in Xinjiang, China.

2017. 6. 14.

GCL-SI achieves efficiency breakthrough of 20.6% for its multi-crystalline PERC solar cells.

2017. 6. 1.

GCL-SI cooperates with Europe Solar Concept to deliver solar modules to European market.