ecoSolargy Inc.

ecoSolargy Inc.

17500 Red Hill Ave #140, Irvine, CA 92614
+1 949 7776090
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ecoSolargy strives to expand the use of renewable energy for a cleaner future through the deployment of reliable, affordable solar solutions.

ecoSolargy is a full-service solar solutions provider headquartered in Irvine, California. The name “ecoSolargy” reflects our mission, combining the words ecology, solar energy, and technology. From our roots as a solar panel (PV) manufacturer, ecoSolargy has grown into a comprehensive solar solutions provider.



  • Alpha Series
    195 ~ 200 Wp 단결정
  • Apollo Series
    240 ~ 250 Wp 단결정
  • Zeus Series
    280 ~ 300 Wp 단결정
  • Orion Series
    235 ~ 255 Wp 다결정
  • Titan Series
    280 ~ 295 Wp 다결정

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