CSG PVTech Co., Ltd.
회사 페이지: material panel
CSG Green Energy lndustrial Park, Machong, Dongguan, Guangdong
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직원수: 1,000

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유형: 단결정, 다결정, BIPV
생산량 (MW)/2018: 1200
공율범위(Wp): 150-400
모회사 CSG Holding Co., Ltd.
회사 설명
Established in February 2006, CSG PVTech Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of CSG Holding.

The company’s main products cover high efficiency monocrystalline and polycrystalline solar cells, photovoltaic modules, double glass modules, tiled-type modules and more. With many years of experience in R&D and production of semiconductor materials, the technical advantages of R&D and manufacturing in solar cells and modules are guaranteed. The products have successively passed three system certifications and have been certified by authoritative domestic and foreign third-party organizations. The SG solar module achieved the certification from CETL, TUV, MCS and CQC, CGC.

It has rapidly become one of the biggest and strongest solar industrial company in south of China, relay on CSG Holding Group’s integrated complete solar industrial chain covering from high-purity polysilicon materials, ultra-white glass to solar cells, to modules, solar building. It has a rare industry strategic advantage. Equipped with advance production machine, of which 90% are introduced from overseas. It also has a responsible R&D team and strong R&D ability and equipment. In 2013, CSG PVTech got CNAS laboratory which approved by China's national approval committee.

Overseas market: since 2009, we have customers from the main countries of six continents, such as Switzerland, Russia, Turkey, Australia, Germany, Japan, Middle East, etc. The quality of our solar modules has been proven by the global market during the 13-year long export business. This makes our products win the approval and stable long-term cooperation from customers. CSG PVTech strives to become the preferred PV module and PV system supplier in global PV field through the outstanding performance and continuous innovation of all our employees.

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  • 260 / Wp
    CSGAAAS2-72 (M...
    350 ~ 375 Wp 단결정
  • 225 / Wp
    CSGAAAM2-60 (P...
    260 ~ 290 Wp 다결정
  • 225 / Wp
    CSGAAAM2-72 (P...
    310 ~ 340 Wp 다결정
  • 272 / Wp
    CSGAAAS2DG-60 ...
    270 ~ 295 Wp 단결정
  • 260 / Wp
    CSGAAAS2-60 (M...
    280 ~ 310 Wp 단결정
  • 272 / Wp
    CSGAAAS2-36 (M...
    165 ~ 190 Wp 단결정
  • 272 / Wp
    CSGAAAS2-48 (M...
    225 ~ 250 Wp 단결정
  • 272 / Wp
    CSGAAAS2-54 (M...
    255 ~ 280 Wp 단결정
  • 237 / Wp
    CSGAAAM2DG-60 ...
    255 ~ 280 Wp 다결정
  • 260 / Wp
    CSGAAAM2-36 (P...
    155 ~ 180 Wp 다결정
  • 260 / Wp
    CSGAAAM2-48 (P...
    205 ~ 230 Wp 다결정
  • 260 / Wp
    CSGAAAM2-54 (P...
    230 ~ 255 Wp 다결정
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