3rd Annual Power Tech Africa

3rd Annual Power Tech Africa

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2019. 1. 31.
2019. 2. 1.
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Ⅰ. Introduction:

The renewable energy potential in East African market is extensive as Africa is home to vast renewable resources, including geothermal, wind, hydro and solar energy. Kenya has promising potential for power generation from renewable energy sources. Abundant solar, hydro, wind, biomass and geothermal resources led the government to seek the expansion of renewable energy generation to central and rural areas.

Electricity demand in East Africa is projected to triple by 2030. Power demand in Kenya is rising considerably due to the country's economic growth. Investment in renewable technologies will be essential to the strategic diversification of the energy sources needed to meet this demand, and renewable energy in Kenya is poised to expand exponentially over the next decade.

With this insight and the ensuing opportunities in the neighbouring countries of Uganda, Rwanda, Ethiopia and Tanzania, Bricsa Consulting is committed to host the 3rd Annual PowerTech Africa, a 2 day exclusive closed-door gathering of senior renewable practitioners from both public and private sectors across the world with a keen interest to participate in the growth and development opportunities in the region.We look forward to welcoming the interested participants to share the platform and be a part of the elite gathering looking towards a positive outcome.

Ⅱ. Who Attend:

● Utilities Engineers
● PV Contractors
● Project Developers
● Energy Consultants
● Solar Technicians
● Grid Operators
● Other Professionals

Ⅲ. Why Attend?

◆ Learn about the key trends impacting renewable energy project development, finance and investment in the Sub-Saharan Africa.
◆ Engage in networking and deal-making with the decision-makers driving the industry forward.
◆ To discuss the issues and solutions concerning the implementation of Government ambitious programme in the country by 2030.
◆ Provide platform for entrepreneurs, financers, mentors and others stakeholders to engage and collaborate across the world, to share ideas, best practices; develop solutions and partnerships that benefit African Region.

Ⅳ. Highlights:

★ Identifying the potential of renewable sources in the Sub-Saharan Regions.
★ Implementation of Smart Grid/Off-Grid technologies projects using renewable energy for a better and reliable power transmission.
★ Sources of capitalizing renewable power projects & Exploring Foreign Direct Investment policies for better project implementation.
★ Investment policies for better project implementation.
★ Hybrid Energy System: Spurting opportunities for energy market.