India Solar Expo 2019

India Solar Expo 2019

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2019. 2. 15.
2019. 2. 17.


Ⅰ. Introduction:

After the five successful year of solar exhibition in Lucknow UP, Indian Industries association is going to organizes 6th edition of its solar exhibition with the new name of “India Solar Expo-2019” on 15-17th Feb 2019 at IIA Bhawan Ground, Vibhuti Khand, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India.

India Solar Expo-2019 will bring together policymakers, technologists and business leaders from across the solar energy supply chain. The exhibition will provide businesses with an unmatched opportunity to showcase their innovations and solar technologies before a high-profile audience of investors, partners and government buyers.

Ⅱ. Exhibition Scope:

Solar PV

● PV Manufacturing Equipment, materials
● PV Modules
● Inverters
● Mounting Structures
● Monitoring System
● Trackers
● Building Integrated Solution

Solar PV Sub Components

● Energy Storage Systems
● Cables, Chargers
● Connectors
● Junction Boxes
● Installation Aids

Off Grid Solar Products

● Solar Water Pumps
● Solar Lanterns
● Solar Streetlights
● Off Grid Solar system

Solar Thermal Heat/ Power

● Solar Water Heater
● Solar Glass
● Solar Concentrators
● Coatings, Collectors, Fittings, Expansion Tanks etc.
● Pool Absorbers
● Storage Tanks
● Heat Transfer Fluid
● Manufacturing Machinery and Equipment Automation


● Architectural Lighting
● Automotive Lighting
● Commercial Lighting
● High Power LEDs
● Interior Lighting
● LED Signs, & Displays
● LED solar Lanterns
● LED Spotlight
● LED Street Light
● LED Tubes
● Liquid LEDs
● LEDs -Numeric & Alphanumeric Display

Ⅲ. Who Will Visit:

◆ Builders & Solar Form Developers
◆ Construction Professionals
◆ Trade Buyers and Business Buyers
◆ Industrial Purchasing Managers
◆ Engineers and Installers
◆ Green Consultants and Experts
◆ Local Agents and Distributors
◆ Domestic and International Associations
◆ Energy Storage Systems Industry Executives
◆ Transmission & Distribution System Operators
◆ Policy Decision Makers
◆ Media and Publishers
◆ Architects
◆ Commercial & Domestic End-Users
◆ Prospective Entrepreneurs
◆ Project Heads
◆ Investors
◆ Local & National Government Institutions

Ⅳ. Why Attend:

India Solar Expo-2019 will be packed with benefits for exhibitors. Taking exhibition space at India Solar Expo-2019 will give your company a competitive advantage, bringing together the most influential national buyers under one roof. And the benefits to exhibiting go beyond the opportunity to easily network with the renewable energy industry’s key decision-makers.