Haute Energy Systems Sarl

Haute Energy Systems Sarl

Opp. CDC Head Office, GRA- BOTA, P.O Box 817, LIMBE SW-Region
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HES is a renewable energy system integrator with a commitment to delivering long-term, reliable, green energy products and solutions.

We have been servicing the energy industry since 2005 and have offices in Cameroon and Nigeria. Our focus is the supply and installation of solar electric power systems and components to businesses and homes in Sub Saharan Africa.

We offer solutions from reputable manufacturers including Schneider Electric. All of our products come with comprehensive warranties as well as free maintenance and support for the first year. We buy direct, which makes our prices extremely competitive. Our highly trained installation engineers and project managers have a wealth of experience in installing solar powered systems across the Sub region.

We have developed solutions for a range of applications, including domestic & commercial power back-up, rural bore-hole pumps, thermal heaters, commercial UPS systems, DC solar fridges and solar street lights etc.
Our service begins with a consultation and evaluations of your current spend on power. We will then advise which products and solutions we believe would work best for your needs and outline potential cost savings. Once the system is installed, our support team can advise on the best way to use your system to gain maximum benefit.

Why choose solar power?

The long-term cost savings when solar energy is used compared to conventional fossil fuel generators.
Many governments and organisations currently offer subsidies to encourage a move to solar power and therefore promoting a cleaner environment.
Accessibility – this type of energy production can be deployed in remote towns and villages where the national grid is not available.
Solar systems are reliable, low maintenance and generate zero noise pollution.
Flexibility – you can begin with a small system and develop this over time to cover more of your power requirements.
Convenience – solar systems eliminate the challenges associated with a conventional generator, such as fuel shortages, endless queues to purchase fuel, fluctuating fuel prices etc.
Reduced impact to the environment – solar systems are cleaner and greener and are without the adverse effects of other power sources e.g. carbon emissions and oil spillages that ruin marine life and livelihoods.

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