Innovative Solar Systems, LLC

Innovative Solar Systems, LLC

1095 Hendersonville Rd., Asheville, NC 28803
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John Green

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John and Richard Green are the managing partners at Innovative Solar Systems and have years of experience with designing and securing approvals for their world class Solar Farms that now have a large foot print in the United States. Their company has rapidly grown from its early roots of developing and building 2MW size systems to their current portfolio that is mainly compromised of Solar Farms in the 25MW to 100MW sizes. Their development services for others around the globe include projects that are approximately 500MW in size and encompass several thousand acres.

Innovative Solar Systems, LLC is a company that understands every aspect of Solar Farm projects and has divisions of their company that handle everything from site procurement, engineering to construction of the system in a timely fashion so that budgets and schedules are met. ISS is a leader here in the United States for the design and implementation of large scale Solar Farms and is a proud member of the American Solar Energy Society for many years now. Investors and buyers will especially appreciate the solid approach taken by the company when it comes to developing a solar farm project from the ground up so that the buyer not only gets the equipment they desire, but also that they achieve the overall return on their investment they need and require.

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