International Energy & Environment Fair & Conference

Istanbul, Turkey
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Istanbul, 터키 Istanbul, 터키

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회의, 전시회
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2021. 9. 22.
2021. 9. 24.


TheICCI Fair and Conference, which is successfully held since 1994 and which is regularly attended by 14,000 visitors last time, with enhanced content, as Energy and Environmental Technology Systems Fair and Conference at one of the most advantageous locations in the country in terms of location and capacity, Istanbul Expo Center, the economy and industrial capital of Turkey on Sept 22 - 24, 2021.

The ICCI 2021 Fair and Conference will present a general outlook on the global energy sector, worldwide and in Turkey, and accordingly, issues such as Energy and Geopolitical Balances, Energy Dialogue EU - Turkey, Energy Strategy of Turkey in Today’s Conditions, Energy Policies Legislations and Practices, as well as technical matters such like Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy Technologies, Developments in the Renewable Energy Market, Conventional Energy Technologies, Operation and Maintenance of Power Plants, Cogeneration, Mini-Micro Cogeneration and Tri-generation Systems, Environment and Recycling Systems, New Technologies and applications, Energy Trade, Energy Soft wares, Nuclear Power, Naturel Gas and Petroleum, Financing of Energy Projects and Energy Law will be dealt with both in national and international scale.

Conference Topics

● Cogeneration, Mini-Micro Cogeneration and Trigeneration Systems
● Conventional Energy Technologies
● Developments in The Renewable Energy Market
● Energy Efficiency and Environmental Issues
● Energy Dialogue EU-Turkey
● Energy and Geopolitical Balances
● Energy Law
● Energy Policies, Legislations and Practices
● Environment and Recycling Systems
● Energy Strategy Of Turkey in Today’s Conditions
● Energy Softwares
● Energy Trade
● Financing Of Energy Projects
● General Outlook Of The Global Energy Sector
● Operation And Maintenance in Power Plants
● Renewable Energy Technologies
● Naturel Gas And Petroleum
● New Technologies and Applications
● Nuclear Power

Why Attend

● Most consistent energy and environment event regularly organized every year in Turkey since 1994
● The only platform at which both conference and fair events about energy and environment subjects in international meaning are realized in Turkey
● The most effective meeting place which gathers private sector, public and academicals institutions related to energy and environment
● The most reliable event supported about energy and environment by both public institutions and foreign and domestic civil society institutions
● The most followed energy and environment event with participant and visitor number exceeding 15,000 people
● Neutral and objective conference at which more than 250 speakers participate and at which technical, scientific and most updated subjects were handled
● The biggest energy and environment fair at which energy and environment technologies presented by the leading firms of the sector meets Turkish industry