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Mondragon Assembly, S.Coop.
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Usue Marañon
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Mondragon Assembly is a European leader in the production of technological equipment for solar modules manufacturing, specialized in high added value applications such as, BIPV, flexible modules, ECA, shingling technology, among others. We design and provide automated high-tech turnkey production lines and machinery for photovoltaic systems.

Mondragon Assembly is present throughout the entire life of the project, becoming the technological partner for each customer offering automated turnkey lines and services anywhere in the world.

The completed selection of services that Mondragon Assembly provide, are designed and customized for each customer, always adapting to their needs that ranges from consultancy and technological assistance to Industry 4.0 and whole diagnosis control:

-Consultancy and technological assistance to ensure the technological evolution of all the solutions we develop.
-Business development assistance to support in developing the necessary business plan in the initial phase of the project.
-Trainings and know-how transfer.
-A complete module certification support program in cooperation with the best international laboratories
-Exclusive module technology development.
-Production and data control to ensure a preventive and predictive maintenance.
-Industry 4.0 and whole diagnosis control.

With more than 20 years in the sector and more than 15GW of production capacity supplied, it has become a European benchmark in the solar business.

The Mother Company in Spain was founded in 1977, and is one of the pioneers in the use of high technology processes such as robotics, vision, dispensing, gluing, soldering or test machines. Today it has become an International Group with 6 manufacturing plants which which develop the entire value chain that are located in Spain, France, Germany, Mexico, China and Brazil and also 2 sales, engineering and services offices in India and MENA.
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Product List

Mondragon Assembly is present throughout the entire life of the project, becoming the technological partner for each customer offering automated turnkey lines and services anywhere in the world.

● Customized turnkey solar automation solutions with a capacities between 50MW up to 2GW per year.

● High-tech machinery: Tabber&Stringer, Automatic Lay-up, Autobussing, Cell Tester & Sorter, Laminators, Autoframing and machinery for Testing Photovoltaic Modules.

● Worldwide personalized support, comprehensive partnership during the entire life of your business.

Customized and Complete Turnkey Lines. Make your Solar Business different and profitable.

Our turnkey lines meet the production needs of each customer, providing solutions aimed at small and large producers and combining different levels of automation. Manufacturing lines with capacities between 50MW and up to 2GW per year.

The flexibility of our lines allows us to manufacture photovoltaic modules of different cell technologies (HJT, Topcon, p) and cell sizes (up to M12).

The lines are equipped with the most innovative technology, allowing us to reach a final product of excellent quality.

Comprehensive partnership during the entire life of your business.

At Mondragon Assembly, we are present throughout the service life of the project, becoming the technological company that ensures the competitiveness of the PV module manufacturer.


MTS 3000. Fastest Tabber and Stringer in single track in the world!

Its innovative interconnection system allows the MTS 3000 Tabber & Stringer to reach a net production capacity of 3000 cells per hour, making it the fastest in the market per track.


● Minimal change-over time.
● Impoved quality control in cell and string production.
● Easy integration with MES system. 
● Autodiagnosis: The machine is able to predict and detect itself production lacks, maintenance work values and statistics.
● Minimized factory footprint. 
● Low maintenance cost.
● From the ergonomics point of view, easy to access to any place of the machine.
● Smaller machine, easier to assemble, space is optimized.
● The machine is more reliable, less materials means less incidences and less service work.
Patented Continious Stringing process.

Main Features

● Contactless IR soldering technology.
● Cell and string vision check.
● Contactless flux dispensing system.
● Breakage < 0.2%
● Availability (VDI 3423) > 95%
● Cell temperature control with several steps.

Module technology

● Cell size up to M12 (210mm).
● Up to 12BB.
● Suitable for BIPV modules.
● Cell types: Poly, Mono PERC and TOPCON.
Cut cells and bifacial
● Flat or wire ribbon.

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IC-120 AUTOBUSSING MACHINE. High throughput, more autonomy.

The AUTOMATIC BUSSING MACHINE interconnects the strings and prepares the wiring for the junction box. This interconnection is done with no manual operators. Mondragon Assembly’s bussing systems offer high soldering precision and repeatability, obtained via the utilisation of artificial vision systems and an induction soldering process, which also avoids the formation of hot spots.

This high speed autobussing machine with capacity of up to 120 cells/hour.


Accurate soldering and zero breakage rate.
Unlimited busbars or wires.
● 8 hours autonomy.
● Uptime >99,5%
High quality soldering.
● Minimized factory footprint.
No manual operations.
Easy integration with MES system. 

Main Features: 

● Automatic ribbon loading.
● Induction welding system.
● Artificial vision system.
● Real time quality feedback.
No need for thermal isolation.
● No template needed.
Optional ribbon overlap design.
 Two or three soldering heads.

Module technology

● Cell size up to M12 (210mm).
● Up to  6BB and MBB.
● Suitable for BIPV modules.
● Cell types: Poly, Mono PERC and TOPCON.
● Cut cells and bifacial
Suitable for any cell technology.

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