Exosun to Supply 6.8MW of Solar Trackers for a PV Plant in Oregon, USA

게시됨 2015. 8. 31.
ArcelorMittal Exosun 
Exosun has inked a contract with a major clean energy producer to supply and install its trackers on a 6.8MW PV plant located in the North American state of Oregon.

The solar plant, installed over 40 acres of high desert land, will be equipped with 44 Exotrack® HZ horizontal single-axis solar trackers. They will support 21,964 PV modules, orienting them toward the sun throughout the day to significantly increase energy yield.

Tracker installation, executed by Exosun, will begin in September 2015, with commissioning planned for November 2015.

"We are very pleased with this challenging project in Oregon and by the rapid response and schedule our team was able to formulate," comments Jeb Seder, Managing Director of Exosun Inc. "Our Exotrack HZ single-axis trackers have been designed for maximized plant design flexibility, quick and cost-effective construction and minimal OPEX. This, coupled with our extensive tracker installation experience, is what convinced our client to work with us."

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