SFCE Signs Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Chongqing Road & Bridge

게시됨 2015. 10. 30.
Shunfeng International Clean Energy Limited ("SFCE" or the "company") today announced the signing of a strategic cooperation agreement with Chongqing Road & Bridge Co., Ltd. ("Chongqing Road & Bridge"). Both parties will cooperate closely in various fields of clean energy, working together across the entire PV industry value chain, raising the overall operational efficiency of both parties, and enhancing a win-win and sustainable strategic partnership.

According to the strategic cooperation agreement, both parties will jointly leverage capital, technology and management, and start cooperation on the development and transfer of PV power plant projects in accordance with the relevant regulations. At the same time, both parties will collaborate on future implementation of PV power plant projects of a certain scale.

"I am very excited for the strategic cooperation agreement with Chongqing Road & Bridge," says Eric Luo, SFCE CEO. "Against the backdrop of changes in global energy landscape, and in line with the national industrial policy in the new energy sector, SFCE is initiating a strategic transformation of the company's solar business to focus on the provision of comprehensive solutions for PV power plants. This will include investment, development, construction, O&M services, as well as ownership and transfer. This new strategic approach will enable sustainable robust growth for SFCE's long-term O&M services. We will continue to discuss with Chongqing Road & Bridge proactively to reach a win-win, formal cooperation agreement with them as soon as possible."

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