IdeemaTec Delivers 90MW of Tracker Capacity for US Solar Farm in Hurricane Region

게시됨 2015. 12. 9.
IdeemaTec Deutschland GmbH is currently delivering 1,200 of their strong wind safeTrack Horizon trackers for the challenging Principal Sunrise IV project at Hope Mills.

Construction of the 100MW project, which covers an area of 300 ha, began in November 2015. 90% of the solar farm will be installed with the horizontal tracking safeTrack Horizon systems. "Cumberland County is located in the hurricane region. This year, we have already had nine hurricanes on the US east coast," said Axel Hartung, Head of Sales and Marketing at IdeemaTec. "We are glad to be able to prove once again that our trackers can continue to work reliably even under extreme weather conditions."

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