Conergy Completed Its Second 630KW Rooftop Installation

게시됨 2012. 7. 26.
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Conergy has intensified its global footprint with the completion of a second 630-kilowatt rooftop installation on another BIG shopping mall. In the wake of the first plant in Tiberius, a second is now being installed in Beit Shemesh in Israel. The power plant for BIG Shopping Centres, a company listed on the Tel Aviv stock exchange, will be one of the country's biggest rooftop installations. The investors have placed their trust in Conergy's premium modules manufactured at its Frankfurt (Oder) factory in Germany. The clean solar energy produced by more than 2,600 Conergy PowerPlus modules will be fed into the grid by Conergy IPG 300K inverters and will help the chain of shopping malls to continue pursuing its eco-friendly strategy.

The company is planning to install solar power plants on many more of its shopping malls in Israel. BIG is not only a solar pioneer in Israel, but also one of the country's largest investors in solar energy. The group has taken another step forward with its ambitious project by working with Conergy and its local installation partner Unirom Electronics to build this rooftop plant.

With this Conergy solar installation in the so called “mid-sized category” in Israel, Conergy Greece has expanded its regional presence beyond Greece itself. The Israeli solar market has great potential, and since the country's introduction of solar feed-in tariffs in 2010 it has been showing dynamic growth. Experts anticipate a total of 100 megawatts of new installations in 2012, and in the long-term this could increase still further. They are forecasting possible capacity increases of as much as 300-400 megawatts per annum.

“We look forward to continuing our successful partnership with BIG and Unirom Electronics", said Dr. Stefanos Melissopoulos, Managing Director of Conergy in Greece. "We are supporting the future of renewable energy in Israel with our many years of experience, our expert knowledge and our technology. The government is aiming to cover around 10% of its energy needs from renewable energy sources by 2020.  We want to be a part of this, along with our partner Unirom Electronics. With Unirom, we are working with one of the main players in the Israeli market. The company has been involved in solar for more than 20 years. Having such a partner is certainly one of the keys to success in Israel."

Amizur Kafri, CEO of Unirom Electronics Ltd. adds: "We have worked with Conergy for many years and it has always been an extremely positive experience. We know that we can rely 100% on their expert knowledge and top quality components to generate the best possible returns and provide our customers with a safe investment."
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