KACO new energy Launches Powador-gridsave

게시됨 2012. 7. 2.
KACO  Panasonic (Sanyo) 

KACO new energy presented new energy storage and management system Powador-gridsave at Intersolar Europe 2012. The compact-size system combines inverter, battery charging unit, storage and an intelligent management system in one case, including all DC- and AC-wiring.

For their new Powador-gridsave, KACO new energy is partnering with Panasonic. The company provides the lithium-ion battery modules with a capacity of 1.35kWh each – up to five modules can be fitted into the case. With a fully-fitted case, the Powador-gridsave can thus achieve a capacity of 6.75kWh.

For future projects, KACO new energy has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Smart Energy Systems BU of SANYO Electric Co., Ltd. The MoU specifies delivery quantities and volumes up until 2015 that are required to guarantee the timely delivery of the Powador-gridsave. Shipping will start in autumn 2012.

In cooperation with their supplier, KACO new energy is looking to provide storage system solutions for both residential and industrial use. Sanyo provides the necessary process chain, from the manufacture of storage cells to their integration into a complex battery system with battery management.


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KACO (솔라 부품): https://kr.enfsolar.com/kaco
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Panasonic (Sanyo) (솔라원자재): https://kr.enfsolar.com/panasonic-sanyo
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Panasonic (Sanyo) (솔라패널 설치): https://kr.enfsolar.com/panasonic-sanyo
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