Waaree Bags a 5MW Solar Project from Friends Group

게시됨 2013. 1. 8.
Waaree Energies 

WAAREE Energies has won a major contract of 5 MW Project from Gujarat based company "Friends Salt works and Allied Industries."

WAAREE will be setting up the Solar Photovoltaic power plant at Village Bid Pipalya, Susner, Madhya Pradesh. WAAREE's scope of the work envisages design, manufacture, supply, installation, operation and maintenance of the solar power plant. Significantly, WAAREE is utilizing WAAREE Polycrystalline Solar Panels for this power plant.

Mr. Hitesh Doshi, Chairman WAAREE Group said "This project has reinforced our growth momentum as we enter 2013 and strengthened WAAREE Energies ability to secure & execute mega-scale solar power projects that provide substantial tax benefits & end-user savings while considerably lowering carbon footprint. We feel extremely proud to provide such remarkable economic and environmental benefits to our stakeholders." 


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