Boviet Solar USA Finalizes a Partnership with SolarEdge

게시됨 2017. 5. 26.
Boviet Solar  SolarEdge Technologies 
Boviet Solar Technology Co., Ltd. has finalized a partnership with SolarEdge Technologies, Inc. to include SolarEdge solar power optimizers with Boviet’s mono smart solar modules. As a result of this agreement, Boviet customers will be able to get a self-contained solar module, ready for installation with the power optimizer already installed.

Boviet is one of only a handful of manufacturers in the world to have such an optimizer integration agreement with SolarEdge. It's common industry practice for solar installers to source their solar modules from one vendor and match solar power optimizers supplied by another. By bundling the power optimizer with Boviet's solar module, installers only have to work with a single supplier, which results in savings in both product sourcing and installation. In addition, purchasing solar modules with the solar optimizer pre-installed ensures turnkey functionality and shortens installation time.

"This new arrangement with SolarEdge gives our customers a single source for both solar panels and optimizers, which means less equipment to stock and transport to the job site," said John Bereckis, President of the Boviet Solar USA Module Division. "It also allows Boviet to partner with one of the market's leading solar power optimizer manufacturers, in keeping with our commitment to technological excellence and superior solar performance. This deal is a winner for everyone involved and points the way to a new trend that will make installing residential photovoltaic systems easier than ever."

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