EDF Energies Nouvelles拟在巴西建设115兆瓦光伏电站

게시됨 2017. 6. 20.
EDF Renouvelables  CSI Solar 
EDF Energies Nouvelles has acquired an 80% interest in the Pirapora II photovoltaic project from Canadian Solar Inc.

The 115MWp Pirapora II project holds a 20-year Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), and it is due to be commissioned in the first half of 2018.

With a total installed capacity of over 300MWp, the solar energy generated by both projects will cover the annual electricity consumption of 323,000 Brazilian homes.

Antoine Cahuzac, EDF Group's Senior Executive Vice President, Renewable Energies and CEO of EDF Energies Nouvelles commented: "These future facilities demonstrate EDF Group's strong growth ambitions in Brazil. With a considerable natural resources and growing energy needs, Bresil represents a strategically important market for the EDF Group, which is aimed at doubling its renewable energy capacity in France and worldwide by 2030 under its CAP 2030 company plan."

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