IBC Solar Turkey Completed 3.43MW Solar Project

게시됨 2017. 8. 4.
IBC Solar 
The Turkish subsidiary of IBC Solar AG has completed another solar energy project with a total capacity of 3.43MWp in the province of Niğde. The plant will produce 6 million kilowatt hours of solar power per year for grid feed-in.

The solar plant has been handed over to the investor, Akım Elektronik. "IBC Solar is one of the most reliable EPC companies in the solar market in Turkey and Germany - in both, technical and commercial respects", said Hasan Duru, owner of Akım Elektronik.

"With the proper design of the PV plant and the good solar irradiation values in the Niğde region, maximum production levels will be recorded. The produced amount of approx. 6 million kWh solar power per year will prevent the release of around 4.000 tons of CO2", said Bülent Yildiz, General Manager at IBC Solar Turkey. 

"Our project pipeline, which started mid-2016, is about more than 100MWp. We have already commissioned 40MWp and will continuously put the other projects into work until the end of this year", says Hakan Daltaban, Managing Partner of IBC Solar Turkey.

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IBC Solar (솔라 부품): https://kr.enfsolar.com/ibc-solar
IBC Solar (솔라패널): https://kr.enfsolar.com/ibc-solar
IBC Solar (솔라패널 설치): https://kr.enfsolar.com/ibc-solar
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