Elettronica Santerno为巴西提供300兆瓦逆变器

게시됨 2017. 12. 29.
Enertronica Santerno 
Enertronica S.p.A. announces that its subsidiary Elettronica Santerno signed a new contract in Brazil for 300MW power inverter supply.

According to Vito Nardi, Enertronica Group Chairman and CEO: "obtaining this contract ends 2017 with a historic result for Elettronica Santerno. Within one year we managed to sign over 800MW agreements and orders with various customers.. This amount represents about 50% of the total supplied by Santerno in the Utility Scale Sector, from its foundation to date. Knowing that we have achieved a portfolio of orders that seemed unreachable only a year ago allows us to to look at the future with greater degree of predictability, and raises our optimism in facing future challenges."

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Enertronica Santerno (솔라 부품): https://kr.enfsolar.com/enertronica-santerno-1
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