GE and Construtora Quebec Partner to Build a Power Plant in Brazil

게시됨 2018. 9. 5.
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GE Power was chosen by EPC Construtora Quebec to provide its 4.4MW and 2.2MW LV5 1,500-volt inverters and skids for the 14MW Verde Vale III project in Guanambi, Brazil. This project is owned by Vientos Solutions.

GE will provide the full service to EPC Construtora Quebec, managing the assembling, the commissioning and the maintenance needed to guarantee the optimal performance and durability of the full electrical balance of plant, including inverters' stations, high-voltage transformers and substations and connection bay.

"Having the right, reliable partner is crucial in today's ever more competitive solar industry. In the Vale Verde III project, GE's highly efficient solar solution ensures us a solar project that will have reduced capex and opex, allowing us to create real value for the plant's long-term performance," said Scott Wells, CEO, Construtora Quebec.

"I am excited about the close relationship we nourish with customers like Quebec and the Brazilian renewable market. We have, up through today, provided more than 1 gigawatt (GW) of inverters to uphold our commitment to bringing down the levelized cost of electricity in Brazil, providing clean and efficient power to the local community," said Patrick Fetzer, CEO, Solar, GE's Power Conversion business.

"Solar is shining bright in Latin America. As the leading market on the continent, Brazil just hit 1 GW of solar installed capacity at the beginning of the year, demonstrating strong interest and ambition in developing PV technology to diversify the future power mix. We are committed to continuing our quest to shaping a more sustainable and clean energy landscape in the region," said Azeez Mohammed, president & CEO, GE's Power Conversion.

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