Jinergy HJT Module Breaks 450W

게시됨 2019. 3. 13.
Jinergy Clean Energy Technology 
Dr. Liyou Yang, general manager of Jinneng Clean Energy Technology Ltd was invited to speak at PV CellTech 2019. According to Dr. Liyou Yang, currently, Jinergy's HJT cell average mass production efficiency has reached 23.79%, and the efficiency of new experimental cells has reached 24.73%. Power output of the JNHM72 champion module has reached 452.5W. According to data from Jinergy's experimental power station, taking the same installation area, Jinergy's HJT module power generation is 50%-70% higher compared to regular ones with a tracking system.

"Confronting energy restructuring and FiT reduction, bifacial ultra-high HJT technology is the ideal solution to further reduce LCOE, the widely used standard to evaluate investment of PV power stations. Being newly added to the BNEF Tier 1 solar module manufacturer list, Jinergy will continue to invest in R&D for cutting-edge technologies and contribute to the global renewable energy market with the most advanced and reliable products," Dr. Yang said.

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Jinergy Clean Energy Technology (솔라원자재): https://kr.enfsolar.com/directory/material/60907
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