RECOM to Increase Module Capacity with Manufacturing Plant in Belarus

게시됨 2019. 7. 5.
RECOM is investing in a new PV module manufacturing facility in Belarus to increase its European production capacity.

The facility, at a distance of 2km from the Minsk international airport, is currently at its late phase of construction and will become fully operational end of October 2019 with 300MW annual capacity. The project is a joint venture with local partners.

The plant will mainly produce high efficiency bi-facial, half-cut PV modules. "This facility's output will be of top European quality using the latest technology in module production," says RECOM CEO Hamlet Tunyan. "Its strategic importance will be that it will serve mainly Europe, but also markets in the US and Asia."

The new manufactory in Minsk is also expected to open new opportunities for solar projects in Belarus. "We believe this will contribute to the spread of the culture of renewable energy in Belarus too, diversify their energy mix, and of course, create jobs in the economy," concludes Mr Tunyan.

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