Jolywood Launched Niwa 615W Bifacial Module

게시됨 2020. 8. 18.
Jolywood launched its new range of n-topcon bifacial modules at the 14th (2020) International Photovoltaic Power Generation and Smart Energy Exhibition in Shanghai.

Using its latest topcon cell technology, the new launched Niwa series have a maximum power of 615W and a module efficiency of 22.1%, making them the most efficient modules in the photovoltaic market.

Speaking at the exhibition, which was simultaneously broadcast on its own online platform to those who could not attend, Dr. Zhifeng Liu, deputy general manager of Jolywood, said: "Our new Niwa products have made significant improvements and enhancements in terms of cell efficiency and module technology compared to the previous generation. Cell efficiency has increased from 23.2% to 24.5%, and the mass production efficiency averages 24%."

Dr. Liu added that new Niwa products incorporate the "three highs and three lows" philosophy, namely high efficiency, high bifaciality and high reliability, as well as low degradation, no LID /LeTID and low temperature coefficient, making it the top photovoltaic module in the industry. Other cutting-edge improvements to the 12.1kg per square meter model include large-size silicon wafers, 11 busbars, half-cells and a nano-alloy transparent backsheet.

During the same press conference, Jolywood also launched a black version of the module named Niwa Black. Incorporating n-topcon technology, and multi-busbar half-cell technology, the Niwa Black module is more aesthetically pleasing, according to Dr Liu, with a black matted finish created thanks to new cell coating technology.

"The normal cell coating is single-layer or double-layer SINx anti-reflection film, but our module adopts a multilayer anti-reflection film composed of three different dielectric layers, matched with a special coated glass to present a beautiful appearance," Liu said, noting that the Niwa Black has performed particularly well with customers from Japan and Europe.

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