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Goomax Energy 
GOOMAX Building Integrated PV System (BIPV) is a PV building integrated system that installs solar PV power generation arrays on the envelope structure or outer surface of a building as a roof or curtain wall and provides electricity. The building can generate electricity and is suitable for most buildings, such as flat roofs, pitched roofs, ceilings, etc. As a large energy consumer (building energy consumption in developed countries generally accounts for more than 1/3 of the country's total energy consumption), its energy-saving benefits have become particularly important. 

As a R&D and production enterprise focusing on PV mounting system, GOOMAX is guided by product development and technological innovation, and takes the promotion of energy saving and emission reduction as its own responsibility. It has invested a lot of manpower and material resources in the development of BIPV systems, with dozens of experienced experts and engineers participating. Continuously upgrade and improve products and systems. So far, the GOOMAX BIPV system has been upgraded to the third generation, which has greatly improved water resistance, stability, ease of installation, and revenue.

GOOMAX BIPV Characteristic 

01 Waterproof and strong
Equipped with a water guide, it can drain rain water in time and effectively prevent rain leakage. At the same time, most components are integrated design, which helps to enhance the overall structural strength.

02 Easy to install
The installation method of the GOOMAX BIPV system has been optimized layer by layer, all components are integrated design, no cutting and welding are required on site, and the installation can be completed only by tightening the bolts, saving installation time, improving installation efficiency, and reducing labor costs.

03 Energy saving and heat insulation
The PV array absorbs solar energy and converts it into electricity, which greatly reduces the overall outdoor temperature, reduces the heating of the wall, effectively reduces the indoor temperature by about 2℃-4℃, and saves about 30%-40% of air-conditioning energy consumption. The effect of energy saving and emission reduction is obvious.

04 Optimal benefits
BIPV uses the idle roof or outer wall as a carrier to generate electricity, or at the beginning of the construction, replace the original roof or outer wall construction cost with BIPV solar power generation components as the structural surface of the building itself, saving costs and building at one time , 25 years of power generation revenue, multiple benefits.

05 Light transmission and beautiful
The arrangement of the system can be flexibly adjusted according to the actual situation of the building. It can effectively improve the indoor brightness and enhance the day lighting. It can be perfectly integrated with the building to make the roof look beautiful and beautiful.

06 Electric peak shaving
During the peak period of electricity consumption, in addition to generating electricity for self-use,PV buildings can also transmit excess electricity to the grid, thereby alleviating the tension in electricity consumption and playing a role in peak regulation of the grid.

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