Hanwha Energy Wins Another Solar-Power Contract in Hawaii

게시됨 2020. 11. 17.
Hanwha Energy recently won the bid to build and operate the Kupehau Solar Project for Hawaiian Electric Company (HECO), the 129-year-old utility provider serving 95% of Hawaii’s residents. This project includes a 60-MW solar-power plant and a 240-MWh energy-storage system (ESS) and it follows on the heels of another successful bid in December of 2018 for the Ho’ohana Solar Project – to build a 52-MW solar-power plant and 208-MWh ESS. The Kupehau Solar Project is the latest in a string of successful solar-power-and-ESS bids by Hanwha Energy, further cementing its presence in the U.S..

U.S.-based 174 Power Global is a subsidiary of Hanwha Energy that will oversee the Kupehau Solar Project, including financing, business development, construction, and power-plant operations. Under the terms of the contract, Hanwha Energy will construct the solar-power plant and ESS on the island of Oahu by 2023 and operate them for the next 20 years. The plant’s production capacity of 60 MW is enough to provide electricity for 80,000 people annually.

Hawaii aims to generate 100% of its electricity from renewable sources by 2045. Hanwha Energy’s solar-energy projects are making major contributions to help the state achieve this goal. The projects will provide a steady supply of clean electricity while helping to maintain grid stability and manage peak-loads.

“We’re making meaningful contributions to Hawaii by providing clean energy with our solar-plants and keeping power grids stable with our energy-storage systems,” says In-Sub Jung, CEO of Hanwha Energy. “This will provide a foothold from which we can expand our market position in the U.S.”

Hanwha Energy’s subsidiary 174 Power Global builds and operates a variety of solar-energy plants and energy-storage systems in the U.S. It currently guarantees thousands of people with clean solar energy by generating 2 GW of solar power under various Power-Purchase Agreements (PPA). There are numerous agreements in place to build solar power plants capable of delivering up to 10 GW-worth of solar-energy storage systems in the near future. In addition to solar power plants, 174 Power Global has contracted 1 GWh of energy-storage projects and has over 3 GWh of pipeline in the North American market.

Hanwha Energy offers a diverse portfolio of construction services that have built solar-power plants, energy-storage systems, LNG-power plants, and hydrogen-fuel-cell-power plants across Australia, Japan, Korea, Spain, the U.S., and Vietnam. Hanwha Energy also offers smart-energy and power-plant procurement, operation, and maintenance services in Australia, the U.S., and Spain.

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