ProJoy PLC Module-level Rapid Shutdown Obtained UL Certification

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PROJOY Electric PLC module-level rapid shutdown passed UL 1741 standard test, the United States UL certification. After the DC24V type passed UL certification last year, Another power line communication (PLC) type module-level rapid shutdown has also received a pass to enter the North American market.

UL1741 certification is currently the main evaluation standard for PV Rapid Shutdown System Equipment and PV Rapid Shutdown Systems. To improve the reliability of these safety systems, UL1741 is tested under harsh conditions including hardware failures, software failures, and evaluated under environmental and electrical extremes.

The United States has always implemented the most stringent standards for the safety of photovoltaic power stations. Passing the UL standard test of the United States is a full affirmation of the rapid shutdown products of PROJOY Electric. It is reported that there are only 3 companies in the world whose PLC rapid shutdown is UL certified, and PROJOY PEFS series rapid shutdown is one of them.

PLC (Power Line Communication) rapid shutdown, compared with DC24V type, the biggest difference is that the main body of the rapid shutdown device has no power-line, controlling through PLC Power carrier Communication, can reduce the marginal voltage of components to 80V within 10 seconds to shut off the connection between the components.

<PROJOY ELECTRIC PLC & 24V rapid shutdown>

PLC rapid shut down mainly transmits carrier signal through the magnetic ring inside the control box equipped with quick turn-off. The transmission line passes through the magnetic ring and transmits power frequency current to the quick turn-off device while transmitting carrier signal. If the PV array inverter is integrated with the SUNSPEC certified transmitter, there is no need to install the rapid shutdown control box.

Projoy PEFS-PLC-CN series control box, according to the number of photovoltaic power station modules, there are two options. When the number of modules is less than 80, you can choose PEFS-PLC-C80, when the number of modules is more than 80, less than 160, you can choose PEFS-PLC-C160.

<PROJOY Electric PLC rapid shut down control box>

<If the inverter is not integrated with a SUNSPEC-certified signal transmitter, a control box needs to be installed>

<If the inverter is integrated with a SUNSPEC-certified signal transmitter, there is no need to install a control box>

PROJOY Electric PLC rapid shutdown has two categories: one drag one (PFS-PL80P-11) and one drag two (PFS-PL80P-21). According to the maximum allowed input current of each category, there are two choices: 15A and 20A. Customers can configure suitable rapid shutdown products for photovoltaic power stations according to their actual needs.

When the open-circuit voltage of photovoltaic panels is lower than 40V (or the combined rating of two photovoltaic panels is lower than 80V), one-drag-two rapid shutdown device can be selected. A rapid shutdown device can be connected in series with two photovoltaic modules, which has low cost and is more economical.

<PROJOY Electric PLC rapid shutdown one drag two wiring mode>

At the same time, a control box can be connected to 8 strings at most. When the number of components is more than 160, multiple control boxes can be connected in parallel, and up to 10 control boxes can be connected in parallel.

<PROJOY Electric PLC rapid shutdown control box can connect to 160 components>

<PROJOY Electric PLC rapid shut down multiple control boxes connect in parallel >

PROJOY PLC rapid shutdown has 4 ways to cut-off, when there is an emergency, you can choose the rapidest way to shut off the photovoltaic system.

<PROJOY Electric PLC rapid shutdown 4 kinds of shutdown>

The safety problem of photovoltaic power station can not be underestimated. Various rapid shutdown products on the market are uneven, so it is very important to choose products with guaranteed quality and performance.

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