ZRGP has Completed Construction for New Factory

게시됨 2022. 6. 27.
ZRGP's new factory has now been constructed and all the equipment is ready and waiting to start manufacturing. The factory is located in Huizhou and the maximum surface area is exceeding 10,000 square meters, representing 172,220 square feet.

We possess more than 150 experienced employees and many excellent technicians in charge of support and push on manufacturing, ensuring each process is going well.

New System

Despite the scale of the factory, we introduced a whole set of MES (Manufacturing Execution System) in order to realize warehouse information visualization and data transparency. In other words, the MES system is an intelligent supervisor who is responsible for recording and processing statistics. More importantly, MES could largely assist employees to manage stocks such as material first-in, first-out, and preventing any unnecessary errors.

New Production Line

Moreover, the new factory is equipped with two semi-automatic and two fully automatic production lines. In terms of employees, wages paid could be lessened and more capital could be invested in equipment updating.

In terms of output, diversified production lines can provide stable and sufficient output production, which largely boosts the output capability. It is estimated that the output value of the factory per annual would be exceeding 3 Gwh.

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