SinoSoar Successfully Attained Micro–grid System Project in the Marshall Islands

게시됨 2022. 11. 15.
SINOSOAR successfully attained a Solar on–grid system project in the Marshall Islands, particularly for a Major Supermarket in Majuro. The project aims to build a roof mounted PV system on top of the Supermarket After the completion of this project, it will largely reduce the Electricity Bills for the Supermarket. Moreover, the system will boast a payback period of 3 years which is a milestone in itself. Details of the system are listed below.


It is worth mentioning that in this project, SINOSOAR will choose SP30H series energy storage inverters, excellent products independently developed by SINOSOAR. SP30H Embedded EMS system, supports up to 20pcs parallel operation for both DC&AC side, 150% overload for 30s, Parallel operation with generators & grid, and supports 100% three phase imbalance. This will ensure the efficient and stable operation of the entire micro-grid system.

The micro-grid system also consist of energy meters, protection equipment, outdoor/interior cabling between the solar array, inverter, BESS, and main switchboard per required standards.

Industrial and Commercial

The operating principle for the system after its completion will be as follows:

When the Utility grid is stable, the PV powers the load with the grid to cut down on electricity costs.

When the Utility grid is turned off, the diesel genset is activated, and the PV powers the load with the diesel genset.

1) The majority of the time, the PV generation is less than the load, allowing the entire amount of PV to be utilized by the load;

2) Nevertheless, there are times when the PV load is larger than the load, particularly at noon when the sun is at its best. In these cases, the PV will power the load and charge the battery; however, if the battery SOC is so high that it cannot be charged, the PV power will be restricted.

The BESS systems can offer the power grid a number of advantages and support services, such as:

1) Ancillary services/grid stability – BESS systems can charge and discharge quickly, making them ideal for balancing the grid on demand or production side.

2) Voltage support/stabilization.

3) Emergency response systems – BESS systems can provide emergency response services of frequency regulation, ramping and voltage support in a manner that is close to energy reliability services from synchronous facilities.

4) And other important functions that are not mentioned here.

In conclusion, the system offers a wide range of advantages with the main one being the fast payback period for the client. Overall, this will act as a perfect example for Future clients that will want to incorporate BESS into their Solar on-grid projects.

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