게시됨 2012. 9. 4.

Beneq has joined R2R-CIGS, a photovoltaics project financed by the European Commission through its Seventh Framework Pro-gramme (FP7).

The primary goal of the project is to scale-up laboratory processes to meet production requirements of flexible solar modules. In short, these processes need to be adapted to roll-to-roll production while ensuring reliability, high throughput and low cost.

Says Beneq CEO, Mr Sampo Aho-nen: "Beneq sees great potential in continuous production technologies, both in relation to the economy of production and the quality of the end-product. This is why we are putting down a lot of time and ef-fort in bringing our thin film coating technologies, both aerosol coating and atomic layer deposition (ALD), to the service of the industries we address".

R2R-CIGS, which began in April 2012 and will continue into 2015, intends to establish pilot lines for production of flexible solar panels. In all, the project is going to be of paramount importance in enabling wider application and lower costs of solar photovoltaics. The project consortium in-cludes, in addition to Beneq, EMPA, Flisom, ZSW, Isovoltaic, SoLayTec, Mondragon Assembly, Manz CIGS Technology and CPI, and is co-ordinated by TNO. Financing has been secured from the EC's joint ENERGY- NMP 2011 programme.


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