Tuusso Energy's Antelope Project Achieves Commercial Operation

게시됨 2013. 7. 22.
Tuusso Energy  NRG Solar 
July 18, 2013 - TUUSSO Energy along with Akula Energy Ventures, is pleased to announce that the 20MW Antelope Project, initiated and developed by TUUSSO Energy, has achieved commercial operation.

The Antelope Project, also known as TA – High Desert, is a 20MW photovoltaic power plant located in Lancaster, California. The Project began delivering power to Southern California Edison in Q1 2013, and is currently owned and operated by NRG Solar.

After acquiring rights to the ~220 acres of previously farmed land in late 2009, TUUSSO Energy secured a 20-year power purchase agreement with Southern California Edison and advanced the project from conception to construction-ready status in approximately two years.

In addition to providing construction and plant maintenance jobs to the Antelope Valley, the Antelope Project will supply enough emissions-free electricity to power 5,000 homes for the next 20 years. The electricity generated by the Antelope Project will also help the people of California meet their goal of deriving 33 percent of their power from clean, renewable sources by 2020.

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