Grace Solar Reached Megawatt Solar PV Project with Japanese Customers

게시됨 2012. 10. 18.
Grace Solar 

In recent days, overseas visitors flocked to Xiamen Grace Solar. Today Japanese Customers come to visit Grace Solar as appointed and sign a contract with Grace Solar for a megawatt tin roof solar PV project.

It is reported that this solar PV project installation site is located on the mental plant roof of an industrial area in Japan, including 1,500KW folding roof project. Therefore, customized PV system solution is needed. On the basis of the actual situation of the plant roof and drawings from customers for reference, Grace Solar technicians and engineers made the perfect customized solution for the folding roof. Except the patent-designed GS-rail, this program also custom design the hook and clamp, to accurately match with the folding roof. All the products are made of aluminum alloy, without any needs of cutting and welding on the construction site; so that the installation will be very flexible and convenient, which can effectively shortening working hours, and greatly reduce the project cost.

Mr. Nakamura, the Japanese customer was very satisfied with this design solution and samples. He immediately confirmed the order and request us to arrange production as soon as possible. Then Grace Solar Engineers will visit the construction site to guide the installation. This project is expected to finish all the power construction by the end of this year

Besides, Japanese customer shows great interest in the ballasted mounting system and aluminum mounting system. Another PV project of 700KW is under confirming. Grace Solar will continue the custom design principle to fulfill customers' needs better and better. 


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