2BG Installed Soldering Robotic Station

게시됨 2012. 1. 20.
Rise Technology 

2BG offers its experience in the photovoltaic field in aid of well-know international group, a leading provider of industrial machines and systems, working in the major relevant sectors of the economy in the world. 2BG has been selected in the team of partners for collaborating on its first project dedicated to the production of crystalline silicon modules, in Poland.

The choice to purchase the latest 2BG technology is due to the fact that the Italian Company was the first to develop a stringer with the throughput of 1400 cells/hour, in 2010 with high quality standards. In the H2’2010, in fact, the project started to be developed becoming a real cooperation agreement, defined by a technical protocol and a concrete work plan.

The cell soldering robotic station has been developed for the capacity of 50MW and the productive system is running since last summer, at the Polish customer.

Evolutions made and the first stringer installation of 1400 cells/h are bywords for ongoing research that 2BG supports to fulfill the undeniable market needs, for maximizing productivity, reducing costs and wiping out the production flaws.

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