EDF Renewable Energy Announces Operation of 5.86MW Lancaster Solar Project

게시됨 2014. 7. 3.
EDF Renouvelables  CSI Solar 
July 1, 2014 - EDF Renewable Energy today announced that the 5.86MW Lancaster Solar Project has reached commercial operation. EDF Renewable Energy and Urban Green Technologies LLC signed the Membership interest Purchase and Sale Agreement in October 2013 and subsequently started the construction phase in December 2013. 

The ground-mount fixed tilt solar photovoltaic project, located on approximately 30 acres of privately owned land at the former Shirley Airport, 50 miles northwest of Boston, Massachusetts, is comprised of 19,000 Canadian Solar modules. The electricity generated is supplied to the Town of Billerica, Massachusetts under a long-term Power Purchase Agreement, pursuant to the State's Virtual Net Metering Credits Program.

EDF Renewable Services will provide long-term operations and maintenance for the facility, balance of plant, project oversight, and 24/7 remote monitoring from its NERC compliant Operations Control Center. 

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