2BG Introduces Automatic System of Module Encapsulament

게시됨 2010. 10. 20.
Rise Technology  2BG srl expands its product range with automation of encapsulation module process inside the automatic assembly lines.

The new development optimizes the process and improves the product quality thanks to a proven film deposition system that ensures repeatability and accuracy with any product type (EVA, PVB, silicone, TPU ....). The system is flexible and includes the handling and the automatic positioning of any type of protective back layer, ie the standard Tedlar sheet or structural glass for BIPV applications.

The first step concerns the deposition of first encapsulation sheet onto glass which moves towards the layout robot cell where the strings are positioned. The benefits of integration guarantee a high production capacity joined with the process cost reduction, improved product quality and the improvement of production line efficiency. The replacement of film reel is very easy and quickly without service break.

The second step connected with deposition of second encapsulation sheet and the back layer (backsheet or glass) is handled by a special robotized cell extremely flexible and versatile in application of film and protective layers which complete the sandwich before the lamination step. Particular attention was paid to the film punching and the extraction of terminals through appropriate tools. Again the replacement operations of raw materials can be performed without any process interruption. The change of format is completely automated. The high reliability, the fine positioning accuracy and the low maintenance are finally important factors that increase the performance of equipment and provide a product with high quality standards.

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