S&C Announces to Build 3.6MW Solar Project in Massachusetts

게시됨 2014. 7. 10.
S&C Electric 
July 7, 2014 – S&C Electric Company today announces an $11 million USD project with Green States Energy to design and build a 3.6MW solar photovoltaic farm in Devens, Mass. 

The interconnection substation includes an integrated switching and control solution based on S&C's field-proven System VI™ Switchgear.

"The standardized solution we're providing not only reduces upfront costs, it also helps shorten the timeframe required to engineer and build a renewable energy plant. By getting the plant into service sooner, the owners will realize higher near-term revenues and accelerate returns on investment," says Dan Girard, director—Business Development, Renewable Energy and Energy Storage, S&C. "We have a proven track record of anticipating and managing risks to the project schedule to ensure in-service dates are met."

For this new project, S&C is providing engineering, procurement and project management services for both the AC and DC portions of the project. 

"Meeting utility interconnection requirements is critical to meeting project in-service dates," says Girard. "S&C has worked with utilities for over 100 years and has a strong understanding of their interconnection requirements. We have leveraged this expertise to develop solutions that meet grid codes and ensure a smooth, predictable development schedule for plant owners."

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