Solar Frontier and NEW to Develop 8.1MW Solar Power Plant in UK

게시됨 2014. 7. 15.
Solar Frontier  NEW 
July 10, 2014 – Solar Frontier announced today that it will work with New Energy for the World (NEW) on an 8.1MW solar power plant in Banwell, UK. Solar Frontier will provide a complete and optimized package of electronic components, including CIS solar modules, cabling and inverters. The CIS modules used for this project are expected to deliver 9.1GWh of electricity per year. The contract was signed in Munich and construction is scheduled to start in September, 2014.

"We are happy to strengthen our relationship with New Energy for the World," said Wolfgang Lange, Managing Director, Solar Frontier Europe. "It's good to tie new bonds with capable partners that show commitment to the UK, one of the most promising regions in Europe for our business. We are pleased to deliver the complete package of electronic components for the upcoming solar power plant in Banwell."

"We are aware of the competitive pressure affecting PV manufacturers around the world," said Jochen Kleimaier, Shareholder and General Manager of NEW. "Continuously building strong partnerships with companies that ensure high quality through the value chain is key to continuous improvement. Solar Frontier is a clear leader in quality and reliability."

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