PV Store and Phoenix Solar Establish Partnership

게시됨 2012. 10. 30.
Phoenix Solar  PV Store 

"Phoenix Solar flies on PV Store"

"Phoenix Solar and PV Store recently signed a strategic partnership agreement regarding the photovoltaic market. This agreement covers the marketing of products distributed by Phoenix Solar France on the European platform PV Store."

The two companies have a common goal to meet the growing demand generated by the web that has became one of the most used communication tools in the sector.

They were meant to work together.

If on one side the products, their quality, availability, have been since 2009, the key words characterizing the offer of Phoenix Solar, on the other, networks, information and communication are the area of expertise of PV Store that allowed them to respond to a request previously unsatisfied.

Phoenix Solar and distribution capacity with standards that are well known, get with PV Store access to a mode of communication until now unused by the Phoenix Solar Group.

An obvious complementarity

Indeed, pooling skills, and using communication tools adapted to the web support and the network of installers, both developed by PV Store, the two actors made it possible for every installer to access a wide range of products at the best price from everywhere and with only a few clicks.

This is a new and step forward for the photovoltaic market, which requires accessibility to the products for any installers with uniform prices. Phoenix Solar France is the first within the French distributors who, with PV Store expertise, recognizes the importance of displaying products and prices on a place accessible to everyone, everywhere.


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PV Store (판매업체): https://kr.enfsolar.com/pv-store
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