Clenergy's Jiayuguan 40MW Supply Contract Is Increased to 52MW

게시됨 2012. 11. 9.
Clenergy (Xiamen) Technology 

A Chinese solar energy company that signed a contract with Clenergy in early this summer recently increased to 52MW its project in Jiayuguan, China. To live up to the client's expectation in terms of product delivery, Clenergy deployed significant resources to ensure that productivity for the contract topped 1MW per day. Thanks to Clenergy's quick fulfillment, the project entered early production in October, with the newly-added capacity currently under construction.

In addition to Clenergy's PV-ezRack mounting system's great compatibility and ease of installation, the new SolarTerraceI-B system is optimized for high loads and rapid installation. Clenergy has boldly innovated with SolarTerrace I–B's structural design. Its beams and support components are standardized and all of its fasteners are of the same specification, thereby reducing costs without compromising structural integrity. The highly pre-assembled parts improve installation efficiency and reduce labor costs. Moreover, innovative W clamps lock the PV panels firmly in place.

Beyond the structural innovations, the system's material is also strengthened to resist local harsh environments. This system features hot-dip zinc surface coating. The coating thickness meets or exceeds 80mu, extending its lifespan to 30 years. The rail is made from C-steel, which is recyclable and suitable for any framed solar panels.

Both Clenergy and its Jiayuguan partner are extremely proud to serve the people and the economy of northwest China. The successful completion of this contract bodes well for future joint projects between the two companies.


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