TerniEnergia Opens 8 Working Sites in Greece of 23.3MWp PV Projects

게시됨 2012. 11. 15.

TerniEnergia listed on Star segment of Borsa Italiana announces that today in Greece 8 industrial sized photovoltaic plants with a total capacity of 23.3MWp are in advanced stage of construction.

The completion of the 8 plants, carried out on behalf of third parties, in particular for utilities of European importance and their vehicle companies, all without the panels' s supply , is expected to be performed within  the fourth quarter of 2012.

Stefano Neri, Chairman and Managing Director of TerniEnergia commented as follows:

"The industrial activity of Engineering, Procurement and Construction in the photovoltaic sector  in Greece is part of the strategic guidelines of the new business plan baseline of  TerniEnergia, presented last  September, which provides for the strengthening of the internationalization process on EPC business through agreements with partners of European significance in the Utility sector. It should be pointed out that, while making an industrial intervention in an  area such as that of Greece at the center of a difficult financial situation, the contracts signed by TerniEnergia are guaranteed by  the high standing of the Utility that controls the special purpose vehicle, eliminating the uncertainties related to the "country risk".

Furthermore works for the construction  of a pyrogasification plant fueled by biomass (virgin wood) in the municipality of Borgosesia (VC)  are nearing completion.

The plant designed and supplied by Pyrox Italy Srl, partners of Pyrox GmbH, transforms the wood waste into syngas for feeding a motor which, connected to a generator, produces energy with atmospheric emissions well below the limits of law, contributing to the achievement of national objectives that are expected to increase by 17% in the production of energy from renewable sources by 2020. In particular, the authorized plant with a simplified authorization procedure supplied by the Municipality  of Borgosesia can treat 8,000 tons / year of virgin wood, for the recovery of 850 electric  kW and 1,100 thermal  kW  and  an expected power  production of 5.4GWh / year.

The cogeneration plant with a planned total investment of approximately Euro 5 million, will be operational by the fourth quarter of 2012, thus potentially benefit even the all-inclusive tariff of 0.28 Euro/kWh, recognized until the end of the year from government policies aimed  to encourage the production of energy from renewable sources.

TerniEnergia on behalf of Italeaf SpA, pursuant to Executive Determination of the Umbria Region n. 2681 of 20 April 2011 completed, finally, the land reclamation of the industrial site of Nera Montoro which  extends over an area of ​​27 hectares. In particular, performed works have been divided into a total of 5 lots and refer to the works of pre-characterization of the soils to be removed, removal of contaminated portions, disposal and recycling, covering of peeled areas with suitable and certified  topsoil, restoration of roofing felt and / or cement, construction of new flooring in bituminous mix. 


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