Waaree Energies Eyeing 200MW Solar PV Projects in Japan

게시됨 2015. 1. 15.
Waaree Energies 
Waaree Energies Limited is developing solar projects of 44MW AC in Central Japan, under the Feed in Tariff with Tokyo Electric Power at 36 Yen per KwH. METI approval has been obtained for these projects & other approvals are being persued. The projects are scheduled for completion within the next 18 months. 

Waaree Japan KK is persuing a pipeline of 200MW in Japan for 2015. Japan is a key market for Waaree, India in addition to UK, Americas & Middle East regions for Waaree.

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Waaree Energies (솔라패널): https://kr.enfsolar.com/waaree-energies
Waaree Energies (솔라패널 설치): https://kr.enfsolar.com/waaree-energies
Waaree Energies (솔라 부품): https://kr.enfsolar.com/waaree-energies
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