Vikram Solar to Install PV Facility at Cochin International Airport

게시됨 2012. 11. 27.
Vikram Solar 

Vikram Solar announced today that it would be installing a 100kWp solar power facility at the Cochin International Airport at Nedumbassery.

Vikram Solar will design, install and commission this 100kW capacity Solar PV Power System at the airport. The solar power facility will consist of mounted solar panels which will generate DC electric power. The electric power generated by the solar panels will not be fed directly into the utility grid.

The inverters will cover the direct current output from the solar array into a grid compliant AC voltage which will feed it into the utility grid system. Power evacuation will be through connections with LT voltage for local or grid export. The proposed energy production will be at an estimated 148MWh per year with a capacity of 100kWp. The energy capacity of each PV module will reach upto 240 - 250Wp.

This is an excellent opportunity and a path breaking vision that has been brought to light by the Cochin Airport Authority in encouraging the use of "Green" energy for such critical service utilities and will definitely open the doors with all other Airports and Utility services towards the use of sustainable Clean & Green Power and help support the "reenergizing" of the environment.

"This also will be a very welcome sight for the many millions of foreign visitors that will use the airport facilities at this Gateway into the Middle East at Cochin airport, from & into India and help spearhead the success story of our country going the "green" way riding the crest of empowerment of the JNNSM Solar Policy in India " said Shaibal Ghosh, president - international business & head marketing at Vikram Solar.


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