Z1261 Extra fast cure Solar Eva Film

Zhejiang Zhengxin Photovoltaic Technology Co., Ltd.
최저가격 ₩1,080 / m2
유형: 매우 빠른 치료
지역: 중국 중국
참고: 귀하의 문의가 Zhejiang Zhengxin Photovoltaic Technology Co., Ltd.로 직접 발송이 될 것입니다.

제품 설명:

1. Z1261 Extra Fast Cure within 10 mins
2. Over 25 Years Quality Assurance
3. Free of PID and Snail Trails
4. 15 Years Experience Technology Team
5. Excellent material compatibility with contact materials


유형 매우 빠른 치료
두께 0.2-0.8 mm
≤2100 mm
롤 길이 100-200 m
VA 함량 28-33 %
용융지수 15-30 g/10min
밀도 0.95 g/cm3
경도 (A Type) 65
겔화도 ≥75 %
인장강도 20 Mpa
영률 4.7 Mpa
신장율 550 %
수분 흡수율 (20°C) ≤0.1 % / day
벗김 강도 (EVA - 글라스) ≥80 N/cm
벗김 강도 (EVA - 백시트) ≥50 N/cm
열수축률 (길이 / MD) ≤3 %
열수추률 (폭 /TD) ≤1 %
체적 저항률 >1.15x10 ^15 Ω·cm
UV 노화 (황변도) ≤2 △YI
UV 노화 (투광율) ≤3 %
습기 열 노화 (황변도) ≤2 △YI
습기 열 노화 (투광율) ≤3 %
전광선 투과율 ≥91 %
UV차단 영역 360 nm
굴절률 1.481
융점 55 °C
비열 2.3 J/°C·g
처리 시간  
진공 펑프 시간 4-6 min
라미네이션 시간 5-12 min
고화 온도 140-150 °C
제품 사양서 다운받기
Product Property

● Strong adhesive property

● Good stability after aging

● High light transparent and long lasting guarantee

● Excellent humidity, heat and weather resistance (PID)

● High efficiency and shortern laminating time

● Excellent material compatibility with contact materials

About us

Zhejiang Zhengxin Photovoltaic Technology Co., LTD (ZXEVA) is specialized in solar photovoltaic research and new materials development, production, sales and service. ZXEVA was the superior technology company based on the expert team which summed up the past customer use feedback since 2003. Setting up more than 3000 square meters plant at Quzhou city in Zhejiang province. In 2016, we attained annual production capacity of 50 million square meters. 

The core product Z1261A/Z1261 is patented product with excellent performance in strong adhesiveness, long lasting ageing-resistant under extreme environmental conditions, excellent capability with other contact materials of backsheet, solar cells, bus bar and tempered glass. ZXEVA strictly in accordance with the ISO9001 quality management system operation and the core product has qualified with Rohs, SGS, TUV, UL and PID test. ZXEVA continue to do innovation and timely development of superior performance, cost-effective products to meet the requirements of every partner.

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Factory Overview

Zhejiang Zhengxin Photovoltaic Technology Co., Ltd.

No. 36, XiChun Zhong Road, Kecheng District, Quzhou, Zhejiang
직원수: 80
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