Super Solar Roof Ground solar Mounting system

Fujian Super Solar Energy Technology Co., Ltd.
최저가격 ₩30.3 / Wp
최저가격 ₩191,000 / 20 패널
지역: 중국 중국
참고: 귀하의 문의가 Fujian Super Solar Energy Technology Co., Ltd.로 직접 발송이 될 것입니다.

제품 설명:

1. High quality material: Aluminum AL6,005-T5 and Stainless SUS304
2. Specific design: To meet different requirements of every client
3. Easy installation: Main parts pre-assembled to save cost and time at site
4. Long life span: Durable and weather-resistant for long-time running


Roof Solar Mounting System
제품보증연한 12 년
유형 기울어진 지붕
지지대 시스템 배치 열, 기둥
패널 틀 틀, 틀이 없는
패널 지향 세로 방향, 수평 방향
지붕형태 콘크리트, 용접 금속, 역청, 지붕 표면
0-30 °
0-30 °
216 km/h
140 kN/m2
일반 사양  
지지물 자재 알루미늄, 아연 도금 강
부품자재 알루미늄, 스테인리스강


                         5500 - 11000 Wp On-grid Solar System                                                   55000 - 110000 Wp On-grid Solar System

Fujian Super Solar Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

#1203, Building A02, Jimei Software Park, Xiamen, Fujian
직원수: 50
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Fujian Super Solar Energy Technology Co., Ltd., headquarter located in Xiamen port city, is an international hi-tech solar photovoltaic company. We provide first-class service through high-efficiency design and manufacture.

Our main service including:
1. Aluminum mounting system design and manufacture;
2. Entire solar system design and product supply.

We provide reasonable total solution for photovoltaic mounting system. All products are diversified and innovative, including inverter, panel, mounting, cables and other relative equipment. The performance of products is outstanding, and greatly improves the stability of photovoltaic power plant and investment benefits.

We have a professional and experienced team on solar farm and panel mounting system design. From grid-tied to off-grid system, from residence roof to large-scale solar power station, we provide the exact products that you need.

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