Mounting System for Tiled Roofs

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제품 설명:

● The mounting system is designed, studied and certified in accordance with Eurocodes 1 and 9 (wind speed up to 33m/s)
● Easy and fast assembly of mounting systems
● All joints are using bolts and nuts
● Ability to overcome the thermal expansion through special patents
● Adjustable to each project's needs


Mounting System for Tiled Roofs
유형 평지붕
패널 지향 세로 방향, 수평 방향
지붕형태 용접 금속
일반 사양  
지지물 자재 알루미늄

Advantages of Metaloumin PV mounting systems: 

 - The company’s 45 years experience in aluminium production.

 - Product R&D carried out by highly skilled engineers with excellent problem solving ability.

 - Optimum technical and economical solution sought and provided.

 - Mounting structures applicable to any type of panel (crystalline or thin-film) and produced vertically from raw material to end product ready to install.


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