PP Ballasted Solar Mounting System

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Roof Solar Mounting Sy...

Xiamen Huge Energy Technology
최저가격 ₩40.7 / Wp
  • 유형: 기울어진 지붕
  • 제품보증연한: 15 년
  • 경사각: 0-30 °
  • 풍하중: 216 km/h
  • 설하중: 2.4 kg/m2
  • 지지물 자재: 알루미늄
  • 부품: 알루미늄, 스테인리스강
  • 패널 지향: 세로 방향, 수평 방향
  • 패널 틀: 틀, 틀이 없는
  • 무게: 25 kg


PP Ballasted Solar Mounting System
제품보증연한 15 년
유형 기울어진 지붕
지지대 시스템 배치 열, 기둥
패널 틀
패널 지향 세로 방향
5-45 °
5-45 °
144 km/h
3.5 kN/m2
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Xiamen Trip Solar Technology Co., Ltd.

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Their solar mounting system structures are designed to guard against wind-driven rain, an extremely important issue in hurricane zones like ours.

-- , Triple Watt

I've been a roofer for 30 years and I know quality when I see it. Their solar mounting system structures are the real deal.

-- , Tripjohn

We bring their solar mounting system structures along to show why they have the best value for money. The last thing anyone wants is a roof leak 5 or 10 years down the road. And Trip Solar lives up to its reputation– they do the job quickly and safely. If you're looking for a foolproof product, this is it.

-- , Triple m

I can't thank you enough for helping my customers out and making them feel more at ease with tricky installations.


Xiamen Trip Solar mounting system structures are better quality, more cost effective, and easier to install than any brand we've used.

-- , Junxy System Co., Ltd

Flat Tile Mounts are a breeze to install. Trip Solar mounting system structures helped us finish the job in less than a day.

-- , Pintor Granada

We all agreed that only Trip Solar mounting system structures could give us the confidence we needed in mounting a big job like this.

-- , Hubei International Economy and Technology Cooperation Co.,Ltd.

We have been completely satisfied with the quality and reliability of Trip Solar products on our solar PV projects. The ease of installation contributes greatly to the overall efficiency of our system installation.

-- , الإمارات الشريفات المتحدة

Trip Solar products are a perfect upgrade to ensure water tight penetrations for solar on the high quality roofing we install at MRC Roofing in Honolulu. Their solar mounting system structure functionality is brilliant and the low profile design is superb. Our customers are always happy with Trip Solar products and we’ve never had a warranty call back when using Trip Solar mounting system structures.

-- , GIRA

Complete waterproofing with stronger mounting points makesTrip solar mounting system structures our first choice for composition shingle roofs.


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